100 word challenge

This is a very hared camera to run, it is the latest and last camera to be made in the wold and it is the most beautiful thing you will ever see. Also they only made 1,000000 million so harry in stores or online. It is very brown so it just blends in, her are what author people said about it. Hear is Bobby “I love haw it brow so it bends in with the staff around you.” Next up we have Jem “i relay like it but i am super worried that if it gets dropped I don`t get a new one.” that is why you should get one.           

Anh Do

He wrote a book called the happiest refugee.

The boat ride was dangerous because their was pirates and storms.

 They had to leave because his dad and his uncle had fought with the Australians in the war.  

How did Anh`s little brother felt wearing girls clothes?

why did his dad sink the boat with a axe?

His uncle was a sapper in the Vietnam war.  


100 word challenge

But how can something be so tiny to fit through this teeny tiny hole nothing can fit through here.  There is no animal that is so small to fit through this  hole.  I think I know what could have come through, a mouse.  What is that scratching on my leg?  Its a mouse!  It was like a mouse that had just come back from the dead!  It had black body with red eyes and a bruised and dusty dark pink tail.  We have to get it “grab the fishing nets!”  I say to my friend. After hours chasing it we finally got it. I took it outside and threw it in the bin.

Federation explained

This text was about how the colonies became one big country instead of being 6 different countries.                                                                                            

In 1901, federation happened.

Women could not vote until 1902.

Aboriginals did not counted in the population of Australia until 1971.

How did they agree to become one country?

why did they agree?

The Territories did not come until later.

100 word challenge

So this is why I am always last at getting off my iPad because I want to just stay on for a few more minutes, because I just want to play more games on my iPad. With out my iPad I’m going to be really really bored. When I play my iPad I feel so happy because its fun to do the activities in the games.  Its better than doing homework! My favourite would have to be Roblox in Roblox you design a character and you can do tycoons, tycoons are where you can build factories and buy swords and machines.  obbys are basically obstacle courses.

A piece in history

Sudes and Thompson stole a piece of cloth but they did not know that they were making history.  The unusual thing was that they wanted to be caught because they wanted a better life like the convicts.  However, they were given a very harsh sentence.

The media was complaining to the government about the harshness of their punishment.

The iron chains were heavier than people thought it would be.

When they stole the cloths they did not know they would get a different punishment than other people.

How heavy were the iron chains?

How did Thompson die?

There are different punishments than transportation.

History reflection

With the first video it was where the English arrived in Australia for the first time.

In the second video it was like how the jails were full in England so they sent them to Africa and America.  Then America became independent so there was no where else to put them until they found Australia.