cyclone Debbie

It was about cyclone Debbie and how it destroyed lots of building in Queensland. It destroyed lots of building.  The army helped to clean up the mess. They where left with out power or internet. How did it happened? Why did they call it cyclone Debbie? If i was their: Read More: cyclone Debbie

100 word chalenge

What has happened to this car it`s like it flew of a ramp and went flying or it was speeding and trying to get away from the cops and go to fast up a hill and than got stuck in a tree. Every one that drove passed stopped to have a look at it. the people in side the: Read More: 100 word chalenge

100 word challenge

Wow look at that statue I have never seen something like that so incredible in my life. There is like two dimension one is a happy place and the other one is a gloomy place. One of them are going to the happy place and the other one is going to the gloomy place. I: Read More: 100 word challenge
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