Hoe does the internet work?

About 3.2 billion people use the internet and everyone that does use the internet can post information.  we have to check for the truth.

It first began in the 1960’s as a network of four computers.  Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 created the world wide web.  There are millions of computers and service that are connected by cables all around the world.

How did other countries find out about the internet when it were just for computers at the start?

Why do people try to damage the cables under the sea?

The cables for the internet runs under the sea.


100 word challenge

Wow newspaper hands are eating a hamburger!! It looks like it took forever to make those hands out of newspaper and to get the hands in that position to hold the hamburger. Imagine if the artist made a whole person out of newspaper, that would be amazing and awesome but it would take a very, very long time. They should have made a newspaper hamburger to match with the hands, instead of a dog toy hamburger. The person that made it might have cut off the newspaper man’s hands and just used them to win.

Budget 2017/Debt

This was about good debt and bad debt in Australian for the government.

Debt is where you borrow money you don;t have to buy something.

Nearly every single country is in debt including Australia.

The governments borrow money from a bank to pay for things like roads, education and public buildings.

Where do they banks get the money from to loan to the government?

What will happen if the government do not pay the money?

I didn’t know that the governments owed money



100 word challenge

Once there was a crocodile that was orange and fierce, it wanted to destroy every body in it’s path. One day a man stood up to the crocodile to make it gone for ever. The man had been training and waiting for this day to come since the crocodile tried to bite him. He went in front of  it and fought for days.  The man led the crocodile to a cave and the crocodile opened his mouth as wide as he could, but he blocked with a stone.  After a while the man managed to trap the crocodile in the cave by using  big stones to block the exit and  within a few seconds the cave collapsed on the crocodile.

Battle of the Coral Seaa

In 1942 during World Ward II there was a battle between Australia and the USA against Japan in the Coral Sea near Northern Australia.

The Allies were Australia, Brittan, France, Soviet Union, China and the USA that were fighting Germany, Italy and Japan.

The Japanese wanted to invade the Salomon Islands and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

This was one of the first battles that was fought between boats and planes.

Why the Japanese want to cut sea ties between Australia and the USA?

How did Australians and Americans crack their secret codes?

There was a battle between Australia  and America against Japan in the Coral Sea in WWII.  Australia, would be a different place today  if we hadn’t want the battle. 





100 word challenge

I just couldn’t eat something so I tried and tried but I couldn’t eat it. Even though I had to I didn’t I had to stay hungry for the hole night. When I was in bed my head was so blank I couldn’t  think of any thing. I had a headache all night and I just couldn’t get to sleep all night. But in the middle of the night I went to the fridge to get some food but when I got there I saw the fridge  door left open with nothing in it. When I saw it I got really surprised! I said to my self “someone must of broken in and stole all the food.”

TV ban

They say kids under 2 should not watch TV because they don’t get to experience touching things also smelling things and eating things.

They don’t get to learn language skills.

childcare in Australia let toddlers watch TV.

For younger kids watching TV is not good for their future.

Why do kids under 2 watch to much TV?

Do other childcares let children watch TV in other countries?    

  Too much TV causes kids to not pay much attention to learning


100 word challenge

The best day of my life is when I went to high voltage for a birthday and I got to drive a go cart on this awesome race track. When I did it I was so excited because I have never done it before. When I got into my go kart I was so desperate to go. if they see you going well they will put up your speed but if they see you crashing they will slow down your speed. When I went there I would not using the brakes on so he told me to use the brakes.