Hoe does the internet work?

About 3.2 billion people use the internet and everyone that does use the internet can post information.  we have to check for the truth. It first began in the 1960’s as a network of four computers.  Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 created the world wide web.  There are: Read More: Hoe does the internet work?

100 word challenge

Wow newspaper hands are eating a hamburger!! It looks like it took forever to make those hands out of newspaper and to get the hands in that position to hold the hamburger. Imagine if the artist made a whole person out of newspaper, that would be amazing and awesome: Read More: 100 word challenge

Budget 2017/Debt

This was about good debt and bad debt in Australian for the government. Debt is where you borrow money you don;t have to buy something. Nearly every single country is in debt including Australia. The governments borrow money from a bank to pay for things like roads,: Read More: Budget 2017/Debt

100 word challenge

Once there was a crocodile that was orange and fierce, it wanted to destroy every body in it’s path. One day a man stood up to the crocodile to make it gone for ever. The man had been training and waiting for this day to come since the crocodile tried to bite: Read More: 100 word challenge
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