Project Reflection (Trilling frog)

My partner and I we worked to expectations and maybe a little bit above expectations.  Overall I thought we worked really well and we can work together again.

Diagram-My diagram showed labels of key adaptations and I talked about where the trilling frog lived. I worked to expectations because a diagram was drawn and it used some labels to identify key adaptations.

Model-We tried to make our frog life-like and the diagram showed the trilling frog’s natural habitat. I worked to expectations because I made it as life-like as I could with the colour of the frog.

Experiment-Our experiment showed how the trilling frog’s thick skin helps it keep cool. We used chocolate to test this and one piece was wrapped in fabric and the other one was not. The chocolate wrapped in fabric took 2 hours to melt and the other one took about 40 minutes to 1 hour to melt. We worked to expectations because we planned our experiment.

3 Facts

  • That the trilling frog uses its eyes to squash its food into its mouth.
  • It had half webbed feet.
  • The underside of the frog is white.

2 Understandings

  • Their thick skins keeps them cool.
  • They have strong legs to dig into the ground.

1 Wondering

  • How does the trilling frog use its eyes to push its food into its mouth?

Section 2

What did I learn?

  • I learnt about the different animals adapted to living in hot places. In class we looked at a camel and how it can live in hot sandy places. Our project looked at the trilling frog and its thick skin and it being able to dig into the ground to keep cool.

How did I learn this?

  • We watched videos and researched on the computer.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

  • If I get a trilling frog in integrated studies for a project I can use what I have learnt and use the information I have learnt for information.


I learnt about the trilling frog and how well it has adapted to its environment.

My goal for next time working in a group is to include myself more in group discussions.

Fidget spinners

A B.T.N reporter went into a school and investigated fidget spinners.  They wanted to find out if they were good or bad.


Fidget spinners are the new fads that have taken over school playgrounds all around the world.


They are advertised as a way to help kids with autism and ADD to concentrate.


Some schools have banned fidget spinners.


How did kids get hurt using fidget spinners?


How do they help kids concentrate?


Fidget spinners are dangerous.

100 word challenge

In the flash of a lining i saw horror that would fear me ever and ever in was the most scariest  moment of my life. I saw another one I ran with my blanket out side and I dug a hole in the backyard I dug so fast like a mole. once I finished I put all of my valuables and filed it back up with dirt. I quickly ran inside and hid in the attic for the whole night while I was up their I could still hear the thunder loud and clear. I went down and went to bed after it had finished.