100 word challenge

Then suddenly it went dark, all the lights were out and my Playstation turned off. I was playing Just Cause 3 and about to finish conquering a town that I have been trying to do for months. Now I have to do it all over again and that was the hardest mission in the: Read More: 100 word challenge

100 word challenge

As it came rushing to words me I did not know what it was so that made me even more scared I started to run. but it started following me every where I went, I looked around it was every where it was like there was no escape. I finely got home when I opened the door: Read More: 100 word challenge

My Forever Home

1. Physical.  What does the character look like?  A cat. How do the characters physical attributes play a role in the story?  Sammie the cat can climb trees, scavenge for food and sleeps in a water pipe. How does the character feel about his or her physical: Read More: My Forever Home

100 word challenge

I was going in my little row boat when I came across a seal in the middle of the rain forest on land it was white so I said to my self why is it here instead of the north pole. I thought it might of swam here in it`s pack and then got lost, but why would they swim: Read More: 100 word challenge


1. Who is the main character? What does he or she look like? Can you describe your character’s personality? How did this character get to be this way?  Laurie. He has finished nursery school and is starting Prep grade. He wears blue jeans with a belt and a cap on his: Read More: charles
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