100 word challenge

Then suddenly it went dark, all the lights were out and my Playstation turned off. I was playing Just Cause 3 and about to finish conquering a town that I have been trying to do for months. Now I have to do it all over again and that was the hardest mission in the game. I am so upset  and now it will take me so long to finish it. I went to the power box and took a look. It was all ok but when I looked down the street there were no lights in the street or any houses.   

100 word challenge

As it came rushing to words me I did not know what it was so that made me even more scared I started to run. but it started following me every where I went, I looked around it was every where it was like there was no escape. I finely got home when I opened the door and he was standing rite in front of me in my house I thought how did it get in past my lasers and guns. “I am very flexible and I took out your guns and how I got in was I broke a window” that is how he got in now show your self ” I can not because I am invisible.”

My Forever Home

1. Physical.  What does the character look like?  A cat. How do the characters physical attributes play a role in the story?  Sammie the cat can climb trees, scavenge for food and sleeps in a water pipe. How does the character feel about his or her physical attributes? Happy but he doesn’t like his big ears.  How does the character change physically during the story?  The cat’s ears became smaller because he got bigger.  How do these changes affect the character’s experience?

2.  Intellectual. How would you describe this character’s intelligence?  He’s a smart cat because he can get food, live in a tree and find a place to sleep all by himself.  What does this character know?  He knows how to survive.  Is this character smart enough to thrive in the world in which he or she lives?   Yes because he’s smart and knows how to live on his own.  What does the character learn as the story develops?  That he can have a family that cares for him.

3. Emotional how does the character feel most of the time? Happy. How do his or her feelings change through the story? He was happy but when he got a family he felt loved. How does this character feel about himself or herself? Sammie the cat feels happy about himself.

4. Social how does this character get along with other characters in the story? The cat gets along well with the human characters. who does the character chose for friends and why does the character chose them? Sammie chose the family that moved in because they cared for him.

5. philosophical what does this character believe about how the way life is? Life is happy, enjoyable and exiting. what are there believes based on?

that he found his for ever home.  

100 word challenge

I was going in my little row boat when I came across a seal in the middle of the rain forest on land it was white so I said to my self why is it here instead of the north pole. I thought it might of swam here in it`s pack and then got lost, but why would they swim through the rain forest. I did not now what to do I tried to call the vet or some animal rescue service but their was no WiFi or internet. So I tuck the seal in to my boat and we drifted away of in to the sun light.       


1. Who is the main character? What does he or she look like? Can you describe your character’s personality? How did this character get to be this way? 

Laurie. He has finished nursery school and is starting Prep grade. He wears blue jeans with a belt and a cap on his head. Angry upset annoyed disappointed lonely. He might be not happy where he is going to school also he might be upset about something.      

2. What does your character want more than anything else? Why does your character want it?

To have fun all the time. He thinks school is boring and not fun. 

 3. Is your character successful? Or does your character’s quest end in failure?

Either way, it can still be a great story. How does your character succeed or fail? What obstacles does your character encounter? What solutions does your character craft to meet the challenges of his or her world?

He wants to please the teacher but he is doing it the wrong way.

4. How does your character change as a result of what happens? What was your character like at the beginning? What is your character like at the end? What has your character learned? What did you learn from reading the story? 

At the start he was not well behaved and then at the end he was well behaved most of the time.

5.This makes the story believable…How did the author create the world of the book? What kinds of people, places, things, and ideas did the author include? What successes, disasters, and conflicts does this world have? What are the good things in this world? What are the bad things? How does the setting help the author explore their theme? At the dinner table they were talking about his day. At school he was being naughty. 

100 word challenge

“I give up please stop throwing that cushion stop or else I will take away your ipad so stop right now!” “Scarlet you annoying girl” so she walked away when she deliberately knocked over a glass and water and got in my violin and got it wet. “That is it you have lost your ipad and all electronics until this time next year now you have to entertain your self with you dolls and your lego barbie set”. “I don`t care what my punishments are at least I still get to go out”. “Not for long now you are grounded for life”.        

Joseph Bryant

1. Which ideas and concepts and feelings does this story help you understand? The text talks about how people don`t understand the true meaning of love. She is explaining how and why he is kind and helpful and sharing his things. She walked over to the drinking fountain and she got butterfly in her stomach and thought he was going to give her a kiss but he told her he had cancer and she thought it was a good thing so she jumped up in excitement. She felt angry, confused and upset. The author talks about death and how you will never see them again.

2. What does the author want you to talk about after reading this story? The author wants us to understand the true meaning of the word LOVE. she wants us to think about what it like to lose someone you love.

3.What sort of people might get the most from this story? People how will get most of this story are people have lost someone or have loved someone. Can you think of a few different sorts of people with experiences that would mean this story has an important message for them? This would be an important message for adults grandparents between parents and kids.

4. What’s the events in this that have a figurative meaning? One of the events was she has had three painful years of visiting Joseph in the hospital. Another example is when she said that he fought against his disease. What might it mean? She had three bad years. He really wanted to stay alive.      

5. What is a repeating pattern or event in this story? A repeating pattern in this story is the theme of love. What might it be representing about humans and what we do or expect? Its about when you love someone you help them, care for them, hug them, respect them and say I love you.

6. What does the author say about the themes in this story? The author gets frustrated when people like say I love this top or i love this pen. What would they like changed? in stead of them saying i love this top say another like, like or I enjoy.  


100 word challenge

But then the flash made me hypnotised I could not believe what was happening to me. I could not control my self, I sounded like a robot. Every one was looking at me like I was crazy or maybe they thought I was doing something stupid. They all got confused like someone has just been hypnotised in the middle of a photo shoot. They are all trying to get me to stop but I just keep walking away one of them try to pick me up but then I kick them. they found out ho and got them to stop controlling.