100 word challenge

This year we celebrated New Year’s Eve with our cousins at their house. Firstly we played play station and then we all jumped in the swimming pool. Then at midnight there were fireworks. Some fireworks made big sparkly balls of colour and one rocket flew high up into the sky making a giant white flame all the way across the sky. We could hear lots of noise from the fire works they hissed as they flew and made big bangs when they exploded. I wanted the fireworks to last until tomorrow but they only lasted 5 minutes. They finished too soon.     

100 word challenge

I was running as fast as I could because I was trying to get away from someone. I ran all the way home. I ran in and forgot to close the door. I was calling the police when they came in and slammed the door. I knew I had to get out of there. I made a run for the back door and climbed the fence into the neighbour’s backyard and then climbed another fence. Then I ran across the road. I could see a police car coming down my street and the police officer saw him and took him away.


chocolate water falls coming down from mount Everest. The grass is edible with rainbow lolly pops that grow lolly snakes. With lolly frogs jumping around lolly birds chirping with edible bushes.   

100 word challenge

One day I was walking my dog in the forest when I found a little paddle. So I splashed around for a few minutes then I had this really good idea were I dive into the paddle. I was ready to do it I dived in and it took me to a different dimension. it was like I was under water and I could see the paddle and I could breath under water there was lots of fish and animals and other really weird creatures and bubs I swam to the top and got out and went back home. 

I am Elio

I am the brother who has a annoying brother.

I am the boy who lies.

I am the Lego builder who builds Lego.   

I am the golfer who plays golf.

I am the cook who cooks cack.

I am the cousin who has lots of cousins.

I am the son who has a family.