100 word challenge

One day I was outside standing on the LADDER cleaning the gutters when I saw a GOLDFISH. I got a surprise and I have no idea how it got there I thought it was raining goldfish. I picked it up and because it was so slimy it FLEW out of my hands and into the BROWN: Read More: 100 word challenge


Facts The Ancient Greeks came up with the idea of democracy  Democracy is made up of to Greek words Demos= people and kartos= power of rule  Democracy means rule of the people  In Ancient Greece only the rich men could vote  Monarchies are where kings and Queens rule : Read More: btn

100 word challenge

One day I was walking in the park when I saw these strange tree men coming out of the ground. They were looking hungry and they were trying to find food it looks like they were looking for possums. I t looked like they where doing yoga. then hey start moving like: Read More: 100 word challenge

100 word challenge

I went out side one day and I looked down the drainpipe then I looked in it and saw a shadow then it came out the drainpipe a massive spider it where to moving very fast when I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. It jumps on top of me and started to bite me.: Read More: 100 word challenge

SRC leter

 I think I would like to be SRC because I am organised also on time to events and I can do public speaking. I am responsible and I will listen to other people’s ideas and try to include there ideas. I am good with working in a team or by myself. I am creative: Read More: SRC leter
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