Question how did the ring of fire form? how do earthquake start? facts the ring of fire is where a lot of natural disasters happen. understanding that there is a ring of: Read More: btn


Facts Aboriginals could not vote until 1949 and then it was only for those who had served in the war. It wasn’t until 1962 that all aboriginals could vote. You had to be 21 or over to vote until1973 when the voting age changed to 18. Women who fought for the: Read More: btn


Facts The Ancient Greeks came up with the idea of democracy  Democracy is made up of to Greek words Demos= people and kartos= power of rule  Democracy means rule of the people  In Ancient Greece only the rich men could vote  Monarchies are where kings and Queens rule : Read More: btn

Budget 2017/Debt

This was about good debt and bad debt in Australian for the government. Debt is where you borrow money you don;t have to buy something. Nearly every single country is in debt including Australia. The governments borrow money from a bank to pay for things like roads,: Read More: Budget 2017/Debt

Battle of the Coral Seaa

In 1942 during World Ward II there was a battle between Australia and the USA against Japan in the Coral Sea near Northern Australia. The Allies were Australia, Brittan, France, Soviet Union, China and the USA that were fighting Germany, Italy and Japan. The Japanese: Read More: Battle of the Coral Seaa
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