Budget 2017/Debt

This was about good debt and bad debt in Australian for the government.

Debt is where you borrow money you don;t have to buy something.

Nearly every single country is in debt including Australia.

The governments borrow money from a bank to pay for things like roads, education and public buildings.

Where do they banks get the money from to loan to the government?

What will happen if the government do not pay the money?

I didn’t know that the governments owed money



Battle of the Coral Seaa

In 1942 during World Ward II there was a battle between Australia and the USA against Japan in the Coral Sea near Northern Australia.

The Allies were Australia, Brittan, France, Soviet Union, China and the USA that were fighting Germany, Italy and Japan.

The Japanese wanted to invade the Salomon Islands and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

This was one of the first battles that was fought between boats and planes.

Why the Japanese want to cut sea ties between Australia and the USA?

How did Australians and Americans crack their secret codes?

There was a battle between Australia  and America against Japan in the Coral Sea in WWII.  Australia, would be a different place today  if we hadn’t want the battle. 





TV ban

They say kids under 2 should not watch TV because they don’t get to experience touching things also smelling things and eating things.

They don’t get to learn language skills.

childcare in Australia let toddlers watch TV.

For younger kids watching TV is not good for their future.

Why do kids under 2 watch to much TV?

Do other childcares let children watch TV in other countries?    

  Too much TV causes kids to not pay much attention to learning


cyclone Debbie

It was about cyclone Debbie and how it destroyed lots of building in Queensland.

It destroyed lots of building. 

The army helped to clean up the mess.

They where left with out power or internet.

How did it happened?

Why did they call it cyclone Debbie?

If i was their It would be scary  

Anh Do

He wrote a book called the happiest refugee.

The boat ride was dangerous because their was pirates and storms.

 They had to leave because his dad and his uncle had fought with the Australians in the war.  

How did Anh`s little brother felt wearing girls clothes?

why did his dad sink the boat with a axe?

His uncle was a sapper in the Vietnam war.  


Federation explained

This text was about how the colonies became one big country instead of being 6 different countries.                                                                                            

In 1901, federation happened.

Women could not vote until 1902.

Aboriginals did not counted in the population of Australia until 1971.

How did they agree to become one country?

why did they agree?

The Territories did not come until later.

A piece in history

Sudes and Thompson stole a piece of cloth but they did not know that they were making history.  The unusual thing was that they wanted to be caught because they wanted a better life like the convicts.  However, they were given a very harsh sentence.

The media was complaining to the government about the harshness of their punishment.

The iron chains were heavier than people thought it would be.

When they stole the cloths they did not know they would get a different punishment than other people.

How heavy were the iron chains?

How did Thompson die?

There are different punishments than transportation.