SRC leter

 I think I would like to be SRC because I am organised also on time to events and I can do public speaking. I am responsible and I will listen to other people’s ideas and try to include there ideas. I am good with working in a team or by myself. I am creative: Read More: SRC leter

Letter about me

To Caitlyn   I live with my mum, dad and my little brother also have a fish and  dog named Milo and he is so fluffy. I am 11 turning 12 in October my favorite things to do is is play golf, skate board and play with my dog. on the holidays I went to rye and did: Read More: Letter about me

I am Elio

I am the brother who has a annoying brother. I am the boy who lies. I am the Lego builder who builds Lego.    I am the golfer who plays golf. I am the cook who cooks cack. I am the cousin who has lots of cousins. I am the son who has a: Read More: I am Elio

My Forever Home

1. Physical.  What does the character look like?  A cat. How do the characters physical attributes play a role in the story?  Sammie the cat can climb trees, scavenge for food and sleeps in a water pipe. How does the character feel about his or her physical: Read More: My Forever Home


1. Who is the main character? What does he or she look like? Can you describe your character’s personality? How did this character get to be this way?  Laurie. He has finished nursery school and is starting Prep grade. He wears blue jeans with a belt and a cap on his: Read More: charles
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